Water is a natural feature of northwestern Montana. Rivers and lakes abound with all the aquatic activities your heart could desire. Boating, canoeing, rafting, fishing and swimming are just out the back door in the clearest, coldest water you can imagine.

Water is not only a great source of activity, it is absolutely necessary for life. We can live without a lot of comforts, but no one can live without water.

Read: John 7:37-39

The festival in Jerusalem at this time of year was the Festival of Shelters. It occurs in the fall, at the end of the dry season, before the fall rains begin. Rain had not fallen in Jerusalem for many months, the ground was dry and dusty, cisterns were empty, water was scarce. Of course people were thirsty. Jesus chose the very thing – water – these people needed more than anything.

And they came running like the thirsty people they were. They needed water more than anything. Jesus had their attention. And he promised living water.

In the natural realm, living water came from a spring. It bubbled out of the ground continually, always fresh, cool and clear. It was the best kind of water.

Jesus spoke their language. He promised water, the best kind of water, to satisfy their thirst. But the thirst he referred to wasn’t physical nor was he speaking to them about physical water. He wanted to satisfy their spiritual thirst with the best kind of spiritual water – the Holy Spirit.

Are you thirsty? Are you dry and dusty? Does it feel like it’s been a long time without any refreshing rains of the Spirit? Jesus still calls out to us, “If anyone is thirsty, come to me!” And he offers rivers of living water to soothe your thirsty soul.

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