It was fall and I was at a five day silent retreat at a monastery in Kentucky. The first day, I took a walk on the thousands of acres owned by the monks.

Leaves covered the ground and the crunch beneath my feet reminded me that cooler weather was just around the corner. During my five days there, I really wanted to slow down and listen to what God might say to me through my natural surroundings. I found a log in a quiet spot and closed my eyes. And I listened.

I heard birds overhead calling to one another and squirrels scampering across the forest floor.

I listened more carefully. Nuts fell from the trees, thumping gently on the ground. And then the gentle floating of falling leaves filled my ears.

As I listened to the sounds of the forest, I saw in my mind’s eye God’s provision for the squirrel. He provided for their food every day. Not only did he provide for their daily needs, he also provided enough for them to store away for winter. Not only did he provide enough for their daily needs and for wintertime, there was extra. Abundance of nuts fell from the trees, lost among the leaves.

Read: Matthew 6:25-33

Father reminded me that day that he takes care of me in the same way. He doesn’t just provide what I need every day, but also enough to take care of me during lean times with enough to spare. An abundance in every season of my life. I need not worry that I will be without the necessities of life.

What is your mindset today? Is it fear of scarcity? Of not having enough? Or are you rejoicing in the abundance, the completeness of God’s provision in every season of life?

Remember, he always provides exactly what you need for every season!

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