In the 2009 movie, Avatar, the producers depicted a strong connection between the Na’vi beings and the natural environment surrounding them. Although I don’t subscribe to that exact representation, I will say it was interesting to me to see the connection between beings and nature portrayed in such a vividm, concrete way.

Genesis 1-3 give us a different picture of the connection between the natural world and humanity. A place that was meant to provide perfectly for humans is spoiled when Adam and Eve sin. The perfect relationship is broken and awaits restoration at the end of time.

Read: Romans 8:20-22

Since the fall of humanity, all of creation groans for the day when it will be released from the curse and perfection will be restored.

It is evident from other Old Testament scriptures that nature speaks out to worship God, especially when his created beings do not.

Read: Psalm 98:7-9; Isaiah 55:12

There is so much to learn from what God created. Romans 1 says that everything we need to know God is evident in creation. (Romans 1:19-20)

If you haven’t done so this week, take a few minutes and appreciate God’s creation. I have a friend who walks every morning at sunrise. She takes the most beautiful pictures of the first few minutes of the new day dawning. Perhaps your best time is at sunset; or maybe it is somewhere in between. Allow God’s creation to move you to worship as you explore how he speaks to us through nature.

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