Daily Reads 08.28.2019

“What exactly would a gaggle do if I had one?” you might be asking.

Read: Acts 2:42

Gaggles meet together in a variety of ways. Pulling a few ideas from this passage, a gaggle gathers around scripture. It might occur on a Sunday morning, a formal Bible study or a more informal discussion of principles found in scripture. No matter how it occurs, a gaggle values scripture.

Gaggles gather to fellowship. Fellowship is simply friendly association with others who share similar interests. It is the Friday night football game, Sunday night bonfire, knitting club, sewing klatch, shooting range, grilling contests – wherever your interests might take you with a common group of people.

Gaggles share meals together. My daughter has art work on her kitchen wall that says, “If the home is a body, the table is the heart, the beating center, the sustainer of life and health.”  (quote by Shauna Niequist from “Bread and Wine”) So many meaningful interactions happen around the table, enjoying good food and drink. Eating together has a way of lowering our defenses and allowing for safe spaces to develop.

Gaggles pray together. Some of our most meaningful times with friends have been in spontaneous or organized prayer times. It is an often overlooked tool we can wield to create deeper connections within community.

It’s time to get your gaggle on. Who will it be?

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