Read: Acts 8:3, 9:1-9

Saul’s story also included a dramatic event. It changed everything about the trajectory of his life. He had been fully trained in the belief system of the Pharisees and it did not include a sympathetic stand toward those who followed the way of Jesus. He was committed to eliminating anyone who called themself a Christian.

Until he encountered Jesus. It took a light from heaven and total blindness for him to listen, but the event got his attention. He was in a position of vulnerability and dependence on others like he had never experienced. He listened.

I want to say, “Don’t wait for a bright light from heaven or lost employment to listen to Jesus.” But I know that is what it takes for most of us to really listen. It might be something completely different, but he longs to lead you to a more excellent version of you. And he will do whatever it takes.

What is he saying to you? Are you slowing down to listen?

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