Advent Day 8: Read: Luke 8

Jesus and his disciples decided to cross the Sea of Galilee one afternoon. The lake is situated in such a way that the winds come down upon it in sudden, unexpected ways creating dangerous storms. And that is what happened this day, except Jesus was taking a nap. Fearing for their lives, the disciples wake Jesus. After all, it would be cruel to let a sleeping man die in a storm. Jesus rebuked the wind and waves and the sea became calm. Turning to the disciples he asked them, “Where is your faith?”

Where is your faith? Have you misplaced it, lost it among the debris of every day living? Some days I fly about as if there is no God in heaven and I desperately strive to do all of life on my own, as if I have misplaced my faith. If only I could find it.

Where is your faith? Do you even know what you trust in? Some days, I trust myself and what I can do more than I trust God. I don’t consult him, I don’t confide in him, I don’t confess his name. If only my faith didn’t waver.

I love the song by Bethel Music, “It is Well.” There is a phrase in the song that says, “The waves and wind still know his name!” I turn here time and time again to renew my faith in the God who never fails.

It’s worth taking 6 minutes to listen here!

May your Sunday be filled with faith-filled moments and a renewal of your trust in the One who still commands the wind and waves!

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