Advent Date 16: Read: Luke 16

Today’s reading centers around money and wealth, but the lessons are deeper than just having money or not having money.

I learn, from the first story Jesus tells, that money corrupts and should be used to benefit others (verse 9) so that when they are gone, my eternal home will be waiting for me. This coincides with Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 6:19-20.

I learn, from the Pharisee’s response to Jesus, that “what this world honors is detestable in the sight of God.” (verse 15) I am reminded that my financial decisions may not always make sense to others. But I’m trying to do what honors God, not this world.

I learn from the final story, that some people just won’t believe, even if someone comes back from the dead. I believe Jesus was talking about himself. If the Pharisees didn’t listen to the prophets, including Jesus, they weren’t going to be convinced to believe when Jesus rose from the dead.

Where is your heart right now? Are riches or the pursuit of riches, overshadowing your heart? Does it make you blind to the plight of others around you?

In the church service I attended today, we were challenged to spread the joy. How can you spread the joy today? This week? A random act of kindness? Sharing your resources with someone? Let the joy of Jesus’ presence fill you today and allow you to be generous with someone.

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