I am not a buffet person. There is so much pressure for me to taste everything and put as much on the plate as I can. Deciding at the table what suits my tastebuds and discarding the rest is a strategy often used. I don’t like that the food all touches and overlaps retaining none of its own flavor. If the goal is to assuage hunger, a buffet meets that criteria.

One of my favorite dinners at a restaurant was in St. Louis. Our children were all adults and had a spouse or significant friend along. We opted for the tasting menu which had eleven different courses served as small plate tastings. Each plate was only three or four bites but the flavors were phenomenal. Each course was served with plenty of time to enjoy and reflect on the food and the unique flavors. The whole experience took several hours. If the goal is to interact with the flavors, textures and intricacies of various foods, this type of dining experience does it well.

Dining in this fashion is not for everyone and it’s not how I normally dine. But it was extraordinary and allowed us to taste dishes we would not normally eat.

Too often I approach scripture with a buffet mentality. Read as much as I can, try to find something that stands out and be done for the day. It’s a most unsatisfactory way to approach scripture unless your goal is to get done – just check the box.

If you want to savor the Word and be changed by it, taking it in smaller bites and reflecting on what is read will accomplish that purpose.

As I seek to see God, my Creator, perfectly reflected in Jesus I have to slow down and take time to ask questions and listen. I am excited about what I will learn but know that I may only read a verse or two before I stop to reflect.

Join me in this adventure if you, too, want to savor the gospels and transform your thinking about Jesus. I’m beginning in Matthew 5 tomorrow. I may still be in Matthew 5 a month from now. Who knows?!

But then, what’s the hurry. We have all the time in the world!

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