“God blesses those who are poor and realize their need for him, for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs.

Matthrew 5:3

Jesus’ perspective on life and what makes life worth living is astonishingly countercultural — not only in his day but in ours as well.

As I began reading the blessings of Jesus, his first caused me pause. It is uncertain to me if Jesus meant poor as in lack of money (see Luke 6:20) or poor as in lack of sufficiency of spirit (Matthew 5:3). Either way, it is only by knowing our true condition — poverty — that a person is positioned to know the kingdom of heaven. When I rely on my ability to provide for myself, whether by the means of money or in other ways, my necessity for God is obscured; my need for his presence and intervention in my life goes unnoticed.

More than ever, I sense the poverty of my spirit. I know that without him, I will not succeed or prosper. May his presence fill my life so fully that I know what it means to experience the kingdom of heaven here on earth.

How do you find yourself needing God right now? How can the Kingdom of Heaven make a difference to your life?

3 Comments on “OUT OF THE CHAOS 06.23.2020”

  1. The literal translations define that “poor” as “poor in spirit” meaning a lack of ability, therefore needing God’s assistance. My grandma used to say that a Christian should always be sure to be dependent upon God.


      • I almost habitually check the literal translations since the non-Hebrew ones such as KJV says things that weren’t in the original. Many words added, sometimes altering meaning. I use Xiphos on my laptop and the adware-free AndBible on my phone. Users should be really wary of free Android Bibles, as most contain backdoors.


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