Years ago an older gentleman gave me his commentary on Revelation to proofread and critique. I asked how he thought it might be used in the future; he saw it being a tool for a class study on end time events and the coming of Jesus. I looked it over and returned it to him with two comments. First, it was very long making it cumbersome for the type of class he envisioned. Secondly, it only presented one view of the events outlined in Revelation. My recommendation was that a class on Revelation would appeal to a broader audience if it included more than one interpretation. You see, on this topic, I adhere to Pope John XXIII’s motto: “In essentials unity, in nonessentials liberty, and in all things, charity.” The essential element of the second coming is just that: Jesus is coming again! How, when, pre/post/a millenial, pre/post/mid tribulation — those are all nonessential details that do not change the reality that Jesus IS coming back for us.

Paul writes to encourage the Thessalonian church to not be led astray by the whisperings of some who say the Lord has already come. You can read all his encouragements to the new believers in 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12.

It is his blessing that stands out to me and encourages me when I am troubled. He says this:

13As for us, we can’t help but thank God for you, dear brothers and sisters loved by the Lord. We are always thankful that God chose you to be among the first to experience salvation—a salvation that came through the Spirit who makes you holy and through your belief in the truth. 14He called you to salvation when we told you the Good News; now you can share in the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. 15With all these things in mind, dear brothers and sisters, stand firm and keep a strong grip on the teaching we passed on to you both in person and by letter. 16Now may our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father, who loved us and by his grace gave us eternal comfort and a wonderful hope, 17comfort you and strengthen you in every good thing you do and say.

2 Thessalonians 2:13-17

These are wonderful words of assurance of salvation, exhortation on living well, and a blessing of peace to be upon us. May they be words that comfort you today in whatever you do and wherever you go!

4 Comments on “OUT OF THE CHAOS 08.19.2020”

  1. I like this! Fits in with our discussion yesterday…it really is quite simple…Jesus is coming back…be ready!


  2. Hummm…it didn’t take my first comment prob because I didn’t fill out the email, etc. SO
    I like this post…fits with our discussion yesterday…really quite simple…Jesus is coming back…be ready!


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