This year the church I attend is undertaking the community task of reading through the Bible in a year. It sounds a lot like a resolution to me and if there is anything I avoid with a vengeance, it is resolutions. I even told my friend I was not planning to participate. Not that it’s a bad thing. How can reading God’s word be bad? No! It is a noble undertaking and one in which there is much reward. I just didn’t plan to participate.

On Saturday, Dave asked me to show him how to access the Bible in a year plan on his phone. I assisted him in signing into and beginning the plan. We sat together and listened to two days of the scripture read to us. And I changed my mind.

First, I have never read through the Bible with my husband. As I sat and listened with him, it was incredibly powerful to be together for this most noble task.

Secondly, I have never listened to the entire Bible read to me. Securing a degree in Biblical studies requires a person to read the Bible in its entirety over a period of time. Perhaps not in a year; but from cover to cover on multiple occasions. I found it to be an entirely new experience listening to the reading. Here is my first take away…

6Then God said . . . And that is what happened.

Genesis 1:6-7

In our listening today, I couldn’t help but notice the manner in which things were created. God said it and that is what happened. Is that what happens in my own life? Do I act more like Adam and Eve — justifying my behavior by pointing to others or blaming it on the devil?

I desire for my life to reflect the same obedience nature exhibited during creation. God said, it happened.

How about you? Are you quick to respond to God’s word? Or do you find ways to justify, blame or accuse others for your lack of obedience?

Just a thought to begin the week!

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