2You have taught children and infants to tell of your strength, silencing your enemies and all who oppose you.

Psalm 8:2

Valentine’s Day for many was filled with chocolates, flowers and special dinners to celebrate love with a significant other. Dave and I weren’t able to be together and I really wasn’t thinking about flowers, chocolates or fancy dinners. My mind was focused on helping my mom and I stay healthy.

Unfortunately we were both exposed to Covid the week before so we spent the week isolating, social distancing and staying active while at the same time watching for symptoms to indicate the presence of the virus. I noticed the first symptoms early in the week and by Valentine’s Day I was pretty sure we both had it. A rapid test confirmed that I was indeed positive. Mom needed a longer acting test to confirm the virus in her.

Actually, I didn’t need the positive test to know that we were sick. Valentine’s Day proved to be the pinnacle of the virus for both of us. Mom went downhill quite quickly. I felt inadequate, alone and unsure where this journey would take us. I shared Mom’s condition with my siblings and soon one of my sisters arranged to come and be with us. Already having recovered from the virus, she seemed like the best option for a second pair of hands.

Earlier on Sunday, my youngest daughter shared her experience at church that morning. Finley, my oldest granddaughter (4 years), was sitting with her during the worship service. At one point, Finley leaned over to Katlyn and said:

There is a new storm coming and it’s dark and cloudy but white birds can fly in it if we take it steady and slow.

When Katlyn asked her where she learned that she responded with a a shrug, “Storms always come.” And she returned to her worship.

I was absolutely so taken by the wisdom of this child. I don’t know who the message was for or what storm she might have been referencing. I do know that when I went to bed on Sunday night, I claimed it for myself. I thanked God for his sustaining power, that he is my shepherd and I have all that I need; I can fly in the coming storm if I take it steady and slow. I kept repeating, “steady and slow!”

Mom had a rough couple days but is now recovering beautifully! It is miraculous! We did make it through the storm when we took it steady and slow.

Perhaps you are facing a storm of your own. I invite you to claim this word of wisdom for yourself. The Father says you too can fly through it if you take it steady and slow! Have faith and carry on!

And listen to the children in your life! Jesus said their mouths have been taught to praise! (Matthe!w 21:16)

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