Sunday I developed a really painful back. It was so painful, in fact, that in order to step into our vehicle, I had to lift my leg up with my hands. It was too painful for my leg to do all the work. In addition, I felt like my muscles were seizing up on me. I asked my Nurse Daughter about it and she said, “Like rigor mortis?” And I said, “Yes, kind of like that.” She quickly dismissed that possibility because I was still breathing. Whatever!

I wanted a quick fix. Massage, chiropractic adjustment, ibuprofen — whatever would bring the quickest relief. No massage or chiropractic appointments available for days. Ibuprofen was handy, but didn’t provide enough relief.

I have been exercising regularly for over twenty years. I had tools in my belt that would help me find relief. They just weren’t quick fixes. To use them required me to be patient but more than that, it required effort on my part.

So, out came the foam roller, the muscle gun, the Skinners and the work out clothes. Monday evening I felt much better and after a few days, I am in a much better place.

Why do I tell you all of this? There are times when I am facing something – like anxiety or worry, doubt or depression, fear or confusion — and I want the quick and easy fix. I want to phone a friend or utilize some other quick fix when I really need to take a look at the tools in my belt. What do I already have I need to access?

If I am anxious do I need to take a few deep breaths and rehearse the truth? Depression – have I exercised or spent time in meditation? Fear – have I reaffirmed my trust in the Lord?

I want to turn your mind to Monday and Moses. God had clearly told him he would go before him in a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. An obvious sign of his presence, and yet Moses asked his brother in-law to go with them to find the best places to camp. He wanted a quick fix rather than trusting the longer, more difficult path.

Let me ask you — what are you experiencing today that you really want a quick fix to resolve? Are you willing to take a look at your tool belt and bring out what you already know to help through your current crisis? Will you take the longer more difficult path?

I still have a massage appointment and a chiropractor appointment, but I’m in a much better place now than I was five days ago. I might even be better prepared for the treatments to be efficacious.

I encourage you to be grateful for the “quick fixes,” but don’t be afraid to pull out the tools you already have and put them to use!

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