Monday, the 5th, felt like the fourth Saturday in a row. It began as many of our Saturdays do with Dave asking if he should make sausage gravy and biscuits. By this he meant he wanted me to get up and make biscuits while he fries sausage for gravy. On this day, I agreed to his choice of breakfast food.

About this time, we noticed the electrician for the cabin arriving. Not knowing if he was intending to work or just stopping in, Dave went out to talk with him. Within moments, I received a text message telling me to make enough for Larry. Sure! No problem.

While we ate, Larry told us of the many different places he lived. One determination he made was to never refuse an invitation to sit at someone’s table and share a meal.

Often I feel too busy to pause to share a meal or even a short conversation. But am I really? How would my life look differently if I slowed down?

I think it would look like campfires in the middle of a gloomy day, more moments watching fish in the pond with my granddaughter, coffee with friends, going to dinner to hear live music, making lunch for my son or one of my daughters unexpectedly. It would be saying yes to more invitations to pause.

I looked the scriptures over and didn’t find any kind of mandate to encourage a slower pace of living. I do know, though, that Jesus often stopped to heal or speak with someone his disciples thought he ought to overlook. I want to be like Jesus, so my goal is to slow down and enjoy the fleeting moments along the way.

How about you? Is your life moving at breakneck speed with no room for unexpected moments? Are you willing to slow down?

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