Read: Colossians 1:21-22

A few words of background is in order. Paul, the apostle, wrote this letter to followers of Jesus who lived in Colosse. He had never met them, but heard about their faith from others. He wrote to encourage them that even though they were not Jewish – these were Gentile people – they still had a place in the family of God. Jesus’ death on the cross applied to them too.

In the two verses above, Paul relates the Good News. Here it is in a nutshell. We all choose ourselves rather than God. We think our own thoughts, who live for ourselves and what is best for self, without asking for help. That alienates us from God. If we aren’t choosing him, then we are alienated.

Jesus made a way for us to be brought close to God in spite of our behavior. We are reconciled to God and because of Jesus, we can now come into God’s presence declared holy, without blame, without a single fault. The prerequisite is believing that Jesus is the Son of God. He died on our behalf, was raised to life, overcoming sin and death. And we are invited to follow Jesus in this grand narrative called life.

As a kid we used to play follow the leader. We formed a line and whatever the leader did, we mimicked. It’s kind of that way with Jesus. When we decide to follow him, we leave behind our own ideas and actions and mimic his. Whatever he does, we do. It doesn’t seem that difficult, but some days it is.

Jesus’ invitation is still open today. He invites you to follow him, watch him, do what he does. How do you know what he does? The gospels – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John – are filled with his actions. He loves the unlovable, touches the untouchable, eats with the outcasts and lifts up the downtrodden.

I think what I am saying is this…maybe you have been following your own ideas and logic and it just isn’t working. You feel hopeless and without direction. I invite you to consider taking another look at Jesus. He is waiting to help. Just ask.

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