So many situations in life require an ongoing commitment in order to be successful. Marriage requires a commitment to the vows we made. Raising children requires an ongoing commitment to their well-being and success. Successful transition in a job requires commitment to the goals of the company/ministry.

The same commitment is necessary in our relationship with Jesus. When difficulty hits, it’s easy to fade away. When I walk away from what Jesus would do, it’s hard to come back. It’s easy to believe that I am not welcome to come back.

Read: Colossians 1:23

If following Jesus can be likened to follow the leader, sometimes when he turns left, we turn right. When he jumps, we sit down; when he goes over the log, we go around – and before we know it, we are off the trail, out of line and we begin to wonder if we are really holy, blameless and without fault. Maybe it isn’t worth getting in line again. Maybe we aren’t really accepted like we thought.

No! You must continue to believe the truth of the Good News! No matter where you have wandered or what you have done, it is always the right time to get back in line. Turn toward the leader again and pick up where you left off. It’s never too late!

So, stand firm!

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