Who doesn’t love a secret? Right now I am enjoying the secret of knowing my unborn granddaughter’s name. We talk to her, using her name when no one is around. But it’s a secret.

Some people don’t like secrets. They are the type who look for their gifts before Christmas, birthdays or Valentine’s Day. Maybe even going beyond the cursory shaking, smelling, feeling to actually peeking under the wrapping.

Secrets are compelling.

Read: Colossians 1:26-27

This is the mystery, the secret that God held for many years. He planned to bring all people together under one person and that is Jesus. And when he did that, he not only brought you into the same room, so to speak, he came to live inside you. That is a mystery! But Paul tells us in these verses that Christ lives within us regardless of our culture, denomination, skin color, language – no matter what boxes you check! And that is good news on this beautiful Saturday!

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