As we celebrate community today, I think on Paul’s words in Colossians 1:28-29. He says that he works so hard because he wants to present others to Christ “perfect.” That’s a confusing word. In our language, it means never doing anything wrong, always getting it right, all T’s crossed, all i’s dotted.

In Greek, the word translated perfect means something a bit different. It means complete. Paul wants to present believers complete before the throne of God. He doesn’t want anything left unsaid, no encouragement left on the table. He wants to lay it all out there so others might know fully and completely who they are in relationship to Christ. He wants them to know what it means to follow Jesus.

That resonates with me. It is why I write a blog. It is why I say no sometimes. It’s what I think about all day long. My heart cries out for you to know first, how deeply you are loved and secondly, to know the incredible joy and peace of following Jesus’ way.

Here’s a song to enjoy this Sunday morning! For it is joy to know that Christ Lives in Me!!

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