A couple of weeks ago, our family had an impromptu weeknight dinner. After dinner, the conversation turned to our daughter’s work experience. She shared that in every job she had, her coworkers used the same adjectives to describe her. She admitted there might be something in this for her to learn.

My husband took the opportunity to gently challenge her to consider what she might change, since she can’t change anyone but herself. He had a simple suggestion to improve the workplace environment.

A few days later, she had the opportunity to put this idea into practice. She said, “I channeled my inner dad and sent an email to “Bob” apologizing for the surprise agenda item and assured him it wouldn’t happen again.” She did this even though she had good reason for setting the agenda in the way she did. She was pleased to report that she received an almost unheard of complimentary email in return. She was thrilled with this opportunity to learn and the way it changed the situation.

Read: Psalm 25:8-10; Proverbs 13:10

Humility is a prerequisite to learning. Are you willing to set aside your pride to learn what wisdom has to offer? Who could you tap on the shoulder to help you learn today?

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