Summer has arrived…at least for today. It is wonderful to have everything growing and blooming again. Whatever it is like in your neck of the woods – happy Saturday! Thanks for stopping in!

Read: Habakkuk 3:17-19

I admit, this is a daunting scripture. The writer, Habakkuk, lived in a climate of social injustice. He cried out, “If God exists, why do the wicked so often prosper?”

In the reading today, he expresses his faith in the Sovereign Lord, even when everything looked hopeless. Two things troubled him: his people ignored God and a foreign nation was oppressing them. How could God let this happen?

How does your landscape look right now? Is it gloomy and hopeless? Do things seem to be going from bad to worse? Join Habakkuk as he makes the choice to put his faith in God’s unchanging character and experience the strength and fortitude that only God can provide.

Have a blessed Saturday!

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