Waiting: to look forward expectantly, to stay in a place of expectation.

I await the arrival of my second granddaughter. It occurs to me that even though there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of babies born every day, not everyone is waiting for the arrival of a baby.

In the same way, not everyone waits for Jesus to return. Many people do not believe he died and rose again, so they do not expect him to return.

But for me, I wait. I look forward expectantly, awaiting his return. The writers of scripture encourage us to wait with expectation of good things. Read the following verses and know that your waiting is not without reward. At the right time, you will receive what he promised.

Read: Luke 12:37-38; Romans 8:19, 23; Hebrews 9:28

Just as I am confident that waiting for our new granddaughter is not in vain, waiting on the Lord will also be rewarded!

Have a blessed Friday!

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