Read: Micah 7:7-8

Micah was confident and it inspires me to be courageous. If you take time to read the whole chapter, you will see that he lived in tumultous times. And yet his confidence wasn’t in what he could see or even the people closest to him. His hope was in the unchanging character of our Father God! (Read verses 18-20 in chapter 7!)

Last week I listened to Brene’ Brown’s newest release on Netflix entitled “The Call to Courage.” If you have time and access, I suggest listening to it. One point that remains with me is that courageous living guarantees that you will experience failure along the way. And these verses give me hope. When I look to God for help, even if I fall down, I will rise again. I will not be alone in darkness because HE is my light.

Do you feel like the whole world is against you? Does darkness seem to be your companion? Take courage and, like Micah, declare the Lord your helper and confidence. Rely on his unchanging character and rise up stronger!

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