Read: Psalm 40:1-3

The psalmist is in a bad place in a pit of despair. I have been there and I bet you have too. But what do we do when we feel our feet sinking into the mud and mire? What did the psalmist do?

The psalmist “waited patiently for the Lord to help him.” But in his waiting, he talked to God about his situation. He told him of his desperation. What did God do?

The Lord heard, lifted, steadied, renewed the psalmist. This progression is important to see. He was lifted out of the mire, set on solid ground and steadied as he took those first steps. And then God changed his cries of desperation to a song of deliverance. Why is God’s deliverance so complete?

So that, God is glorified and others will see and come to him for help too. You see, we don’t live for ourselves. We live to bring glory to God and to share that with others. It is through our deliverance that our friends and neighbors will see God’s amazing work and then they will also put their trust in God.

Are you in despair today? Does “patiently waiting” describe you? Are your feet lifted out of the mire?Are you learning to walk steadily forward? Are you singing a new song of praise to God? Who is witnessing God’s amazing work in your life and learning to trust him too?

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