Jesus was the first child to Joseph and Mary. He wasn’t, of course, Joseph’s biological son. Having been conceived by the Holy Spirit, Joseph took Mary as his wife and raised Jesus as raised his own son. He was known in the neighborhood as a son of Joseph. After Jesus, Joseph and Mary had other sons and daughters together. Read: Mark 6:1-6

While attending the Passover Festival in Jerusalem at the age of 12, Jesus found his way to the temple to sit with the religious teachers. When his parents found him three days later, he went home and was submissive to them, honoring them as his parents. Read: Luke 2:41-52

We also know that Mary believed Jesus was different, that he had an extraordinary calling. When they attended the wedding in Cana at Galilee, Mary suggested that Jesus help the host when the wine was depleted. Read: John 2:1-5

But somewhere along the way, Jesus made choices that set him on a different trajectory then his siblings. We have very little information about Jesus from age 12 until age 30 when he begins public ministry.

Do you identify anything in your childhood that set you on the path you walk now? Did you feel called or nudged to be different? To make choices separate from your parents? How have you become your own person? In what ways do you still want to forge your own way? (These are questions for kids of all ages – not just someone below the age of 25!)

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