Today begins a week of vacation with my sister at a nearby campground. I hope to do some reading, relaxing and renewing with great books, food and friends.

I thought a lot on Thursday, the 4th, about holidays. Some 200+ years ago our nation declared independence and then declared that we should continue to remember that day by setting aside the 4th as a holiday. Businesses close, parties are planned, work ceases.

I think it’s a wonderful thing to break from our normal harried pace to rest and be renewed, to reconnect with ourselves and those close to us, to enjoy time in play.

I couldn’t help be a little sad that we don’t often choose that for ourselves. We don’t stop until a national holiday arrives, forcing us to stay home from work. We hesitate to plan breaks into our lives that allow for refreshment.

Today is an opportunity to step out of the busy-ness of life and rest. If it isn’t your habit to join a community to worship, I encourage you to make today a restful practice in some other way. Slow down and enjoy the morning. Drink coffee on the deck. Listen to the birds. Watch the morning break through. Plan leisure moments and be good to yourself. Because you are enough and you deserve to take a break!

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