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Daily Reads 10.18.2019

Thriving means freedom. Freedom to be who I am meant to be, in the place I am, with the gifts I received, fulfilling his good plan for me. It is being the very best version of the one God created me to… Read More

Daily Reads 10.04.2019

We asked. Katlyn asked for “golden.” I asked for dry. We both asked for the weather to cooperate for an outdoor ceremony. We didn’t get it. Instead we received the worst storm I have experienced this summer. The rain pounded, the lightening… Read More

Daily Reads 09.28.2019

Listen… I abandon the idea of popular, famous, well-known, rich, remembered to be the person who tells as many as she can that Jesus is real and that he saved me from myself. If you remember nothing about me, remember that Jesus… Read More

Daily Reads 09.23.2019

If I am chosen and I don’t bring anything to the table, what about doing good things? Does it matter what I do anymore? What about my skills, talents, aspirations, education, degrees, accomplishments? None of those things commend me to God. He… Read More

Daily Reads 09.21.2019

Another observation regarding chosenness: you gotta live like you believe it. There is a saying, “Fake it, ’til you make it.” I don’t know where it came from or if its roots are admirable, but it applies here. After encountering the Lord,… Read More

Daily Reads 09.16.2019

Listening to songs for our daughter’s wedding and painting my son-in-law’s (to be) house to my daughter’s playlist, one song kept popping up. “More Like Love” by Ben Rector is a story of moving from the desire to be famous to the… Read More

Daily Reads 08.18.2019

Oh, what joy for thosewhose disobedience is forgiven,whose sin is put out of sight!Yes, what joy for thosewhose record the┬áLord┬áhas cleared of guilt,whose lives are lived in complete honesty!When I refused to confess my sin,my body wasted away,and I groaned all day… Read More

Daily Reads 08.17.29

Last week flying home from vacation, my granddaughter sat in my lap during the descent into Chicago. As often happens, there were a few bumps coming through the clouds. The first time the plane shook, she looked up from what she was… Read More

Daily Reads 08.12.2019

Weariness: reluctance to see or experience anymore of something. Read: 2 Thessalonians 3:13 Have you ever had that thought? “I’m just done with this. I don’t want to do it anymore.” I know I have. In the scripture today, Paul wrote to… Read More

Home Sweet Home

Today I travel to Montana to visit my mom, siblings and a few of my nieces and nephews. It is interesting that, after 35 years, I still call Montana “home.” I grew up just a short drive from West Glacier, the gateway… Read More