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OUT OF THE CHAOS 09.15.2020

What did you learn by noticing the stars? Were you able to calculate how many there are, even counting them? Naming them? Yeah — me neither. But the immensity of the galaxies is certainly amazing, isn’t it? In Isaiah 40, God invites the reader to consider the stars. Then he asks two questions: 27O Jacob, …

Daily Reads 09.04.2019

Read: Hebrews 6:1-4 We aren’t good Christians and bad Christians. You either follow Jesus or you don’t. But there is the aspect of maturity. I love watching my two-year-old granddaughter interact with her surroundings. This weekend while glamping, she rarely ate off her own plate. It’s not to say she didn’t eat, she just didn’t …

Just Show Up!

Two phrases run through my mind today. “You do you” and “Just show up.” Embracing the mantra “you do you” has not been easy for me because I tend toward absolutes. No excuses! Work harder! But I have grown to really appreciate it and whole-heartedly endorse individual approach to growth!