Read: Proverbs 15:1-4

One summer our family and my uncle’s family piled into our campers and went to Beverly Beach in Washington to meet up with our cousins from Oregon.

This was a fancy campground with a store filled with enticing treats for a young girl. My cousins and I regularly made our way to the store with our coin purses to purchase candy and gum. One afternoon I bought bubble gum and, of course, chewed it. Apparently, it was a sticky type of gum because when I blew bubbles, they burst and stuck to my face.

I couldn’t get it off so I improvised. I don’t know how I learned this, but I was in possession of the knowledge that Fuller Brush foot spray took gum off surfaces. I decided to give it a try. So, I used the foot spray and scrubbed my mouth to get the gum loosened. It worked all right, but the long lasting effects of that action were not pleasant. It created a burning sensation on my lips that lasted a very long time.

It’s important how we use our mouths. With them we speak words of life or words of harm. Choose words that breathe life and grace to others. The effects of harsh words or deceptive speech is long lasting and unpleasant.

Today make an effort to care for your mouth and use pleasant, honest words!

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