Read: Philippians 4:18-20

It was Labor Day weekend and we had packed into our campers and set out for Spotted Bear, a remote campground in northwest Montana about 50 miles up a gravelly mountain road. Mom diligently checked and rechecked our supplies, making sure we had everything we needed for four days of outdoor living.

We arrived, claimed our sites and set up camp. It wasn’t long after we were there, the inevitable happened. Mom discovered no one had brought maple syrup for the pancakes we would have in the morning. It seemed unfortunate, until Mom had the brilliant idea to make her own syrup. We gathered berries of various kinds in the forest surrounding the campground, threw them in a pot with some apple and Mom cooked it for hours. The natural pectin in the apple thickened the berries, leaving us with the best syrup a person could want. It wasn’t maple, but it was GOOD!!

There are times in life when the “normal” provision is absent. Look around and see what God has provided for you in a supernatural way. Maybe it requires a little gathering and simmering, but you may just have the best rather than the usual.

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