I am restless today. The restlessness is in my body, not my mind. My mind is at peace. It’s an odd combination for me.

Read: Isaiah 26:3-4

What did I do today with a restless body and a peaceful mind? I helped my daughter. Her baby is just a bit over four weeks old and didn’t sleep well last night. So, I went over today and cleaned her bathrooms and then worked outside in her landscaping. It kept my body busy.

The scripture reading for today has always been a favorite, but prior to this moment, it has been something I wanted to experience. Perfect peace! And somehow it always eluded me. But today, I confess that my God in whom I trust, has brought me to a place of perfect peace.

How about you? What needs to change in order for you to experience perfect peace? How can you fix your thoughts today on the Lord God who is our eternal Rock?

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