Sunday we did something we rarely do anymore. We took a picnic to the park. Purchasing fried chicken with sides along with some lemonade and ice tea, we spread our blankets on the ground for a picnic the old fashioned way.

As we laid out our lunch, Dave discarded something in the trash. As he did so, he was greeted with hissing and snarling of the meanest kind. He noticed the lid was off the trash can, so he cautiously peered into the receptacle. There, crouched at the bottom, was a raccoon.

Apparently, he jumped in to have his fill only to discover he had no way of getting back up the straight sides of the barrel. (We did contact the parks department to help the animal out of his predicament.)

Read: Proverbs 19:3

Dave had nothing to do with this poor animal’s current situation. As a matter of fact, if the raccoon had asked, we would have told him it was a bad idea. And yet, he snarled and snapped as if we were the cause. Of course, the raccoon was scared and just protecting himself the only way he knew to do.

But how often do we do the same thing? We get ourselves into a troubling situation because of our own foolishnes or greed, and then snarl and snap at those who walk by? Or perhaps just as likely, we get angry at God.

Is it really God’s fault? Did you ask him about it beforehand? Perhaps we, too, are only scared and protecting ourselves. Since we are not senseless animals, the choice is ours to receive the help we need without biting the hand that offers. If you’re in a mess, humble yourself and admit you made a wrong turn. Today is always a good day for a fresh start. And remember, Jesus loves even you!

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