Read: 2 Corinthians 3:16-18

Life brings change. Childhood memories are just that, memories. Houses are built on that plot of land that once was bare ground. The grocery store on the corner is demolished and replaced with a casino. The one lane bridge that was a shortcut to town is closed and deemed unusable.

Just as landscapes and structures change over time, so do people. One of the greatest mistakes we make is freezing people in time. Life has a way of leveling the playing field in so many respects. The athlete who excelled in high school sports is a business man trying to provide for his family. The prom queen is a mom who juggles family and career.

A couple of decades ago, I did not like to fly. But as time passed, I learned strategies and experienced a great deal of healing. Flying became second nature to me and I no longer considered it an obstacle to life. Meeting up with a woman I didn’t see often, she expressed surprise that I would fly so often. “I thought you didn’t like to fly.” It seemed she was trying to press me into the form of who I used to be. I didn’t like it. I wanted the freedom to change.

As I interact with people I have known since childhood, I want to give them room to change. God is always on the move, healing and growing us into his likeness. He is not stagnant, so why would his creation be stuck?

Is there an opportunity for you to see someone with new eyes? Maybe you are meeting up with someone you haven’t seen in a while. Are you giving them room to be different? Are you living from a place of growth and change, too?

The prayer I pray for me, and I extend it to you, is this: God, you are doing a wonderful work in your people. Open my eyes to see the way you heal and change us as we grow in you. Give me eyes to see Jesus in the people I encounter.

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