Read: John 15:15-17

It is my experience that humanity tends to categorize by good, better, best. And sometimes, bad. People are good athletes or bad athletes. Others are good musicians or bad musicians. Some can sell, others can’t sell to save their lives. And in many ways, it’s true. We aren’t good at everything we try.

But what happens when the good and bad mentality seeps into being a follower of Jesus? Are some of us good followers and others bad followers? Is it possible to be a good or bad follower?

My granddaughter likes to play follow the leader. Sometimes I employ the tactic when I want her to do something she isn’t excited about doing. And then she returns the favor when she thinks I might not want to do what she wants to do. But can a person really do “follow the leader” wrong? I mean, if you are following, aren’t you doing it right?

What do you think? Can you do it wrong? Are there bad Christians and good Christians? Jesus called us his friends and invites us to join him in his mission. If we are following him, aren’t we doing it right?

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