Besides that our character development is God’s idea and his work, what else really matters?

It matters where your faith is placed.

Do you trust yourself or do you trust God? Where is your faith based?

Read: Philippians 3:3-9

Relying on myself generally involves what I can do to make myself acceptable to the world, and ultimately to a higher power. And, generally speaking, I fail at it most of the time. I will never be good enough all the time. It’s like buying a new electronic device. As soon as I walk out of the store, it’s obsolete. New capabilities are being discovered all the time.

When we rely on ourselves, our efforts are obsolete before we get started.

God invites us to place our trust in Jesus, to rely on what he has done. When we do that, everything else is worthless simply because God’s way of making us righteous depends on faith in Jesus. There is nothing we can do that will make us righteous.

Not only do I love that character development is God’s idea and he makes it happen, I love that my righteousness is dependent on Jesus, not on me.

What do you think?

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