What does it mean to be chosen?

Chosen for promotion means expectations and standards to meet.

Chosen for a production means memorizing and practicing and performing.

Chosen by God means relationship!

Last night Dave and I sat down to a simple dinner of shrimp gumbo and rice. It was a bowl and a spoon. And as I sat across from him, I was overwhelmed with LIKE. I know. You thought I was going to say love. But it was more than that. It was this deep well of really enjoying this person I am sitting across from in the simplest of circumstances with no expectation, no performing, no standards. Just relationship.

Your Creator chose you for relationship. He wants to sit with you and enjoy the humblest of fare. He doesn’t need a big party or fine food or fancy clothes. He doesn’t need you to perform for him or put on a show. He chose you because he loves you. Not because you have a skill, talent, degree, income – there is nothing he is looking for from you except your devotion.

Read: Ephesians 1:3-14

In these verses, Paul explains how God identifies us. We are chosen, holy, blameless, forgiven, redeemed, part of the family, set apart for him, lavished with love, grace and mercy. These are the words he sees when he thinks about you.

When you think about being chosen, what comes to your mind? What words do you use to identify yourself? Are you living in the truth of God’s thoughts towards you?

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