Read: Ephesians 1:3-14

It’s impossible to live beyond what we believe about ourselves.

Dr. Jay Shetler

The words we say to ourselves are extremely powerful. If I believe myself to be broken beyond repair, worthless to society and a waste of time, that is what I will experience in life.

We all have descriptive words running through our minds. Dirty, dumb, clumsy, trouble, loud, worthless, stupid, ugly, never amount to anything. These identifiers came to us early in our lives sometimes innocently, sometimes in mean-spirited ways.

Today I challenge you to sit and hear the words that run through your mind. What do you believe about yourself? If they aren’t backed by the truth of God’s love for you, then ask Jesus what he thinks about you. Ask him for a new identifier. Here is the catch in this assignment: the word(s) you hear from Jesus might sound very different from what you expect. It will take you off guard. It will be filled with love, adventure and delight. Write it down. Now bask in the light of this new reality.

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