What have I observed about chosenness?

I learned that being chosen for relationship is superior to being chosen for a task. You see, when I sit down at the table Jesus set for me and I spend time with my Father, his Son and the Holy Spirit – I don’t bring anything. I just bring me.

A couple of weeks ago we had some friends for dinner. On the way to our house, the dessert ended up on my friend’s lap rather than on our table. She came empty-handed. But you see, I didn’t care. I invited them because they are friends and we wanted to spend time together. I didn’t invite her because she had something to offer.

Read: Psalm 23

This psalm is so familiar and yet so powerful. As I read it again, I am struck that there is nothing to do on my part. All of the blessings mentioned here are at the Father’s initiative and his choosing. I show up.

Walking with a chosen mentality requires a mental shift for most of us. It isn’t easy to change our thinking and remember the way he sees us. But it’s worth the effort knowing that relationship is his heart.

Why not take a few minutes and read Psalm 23 again. This time, picture yourself in this scene of tranquility and provision. Sit with the Father and listen for his words for you.

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