While I quilt, I like to watch something. Last night I chose The Hunger Games. This isn’t my first time viewing them, but as happens, I caught something new this time through.

After the tributes from the 12 Districts are chosen, Katniss Everdeen, the volunteer from District 12 begins to ignite hope in the people of the other districts by her uncharacteristic way of covertly challenging the leaders of the games. This concerns President Snow.

He is right, you know! Hope is greater than fear. Hope gives us the courage to face difficult challenges with expectation of positive outcomes. President Snow knew that if Katniss spread hope to all the districts that Capitol authority could be challenged, his hold on the people would end.

Read: Romans 15:13

We need hope today. Hope that there is good in the world. Hope that we can achieve dreams. Hope that there is a better tomorrow. Hope that we matter. Hope that we can make a difference.

God is the source of hope. When we place our trust in him, he fills us with peace and joy. By the power of the Holy Spirit, we can expect to overflow with confident hope!

Let this verse be your mantra today!

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