The thief’s purpose is the steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.

John 10:10

In order to thrive, we need hope. Without hope, we will spiral into survival mentality and never live the rich and satisfying life that Jesus desires for us.

We also need to be tethered. We are currently in a sermon series at church entitled, “Tethered.” Pastor Jay Shetler uses a kite to illustrate that in order to thrive we need to be tethered to something greater than ourselves. Think of a kite. If a kite is lifted on the wind and then let go to drift where it wants, it nose dives to the ground. In order for a kite to reach its maximum potential and soar on the wind, it has to be tethered to a hand that guides it and keeps it steady.

The same is true of us. When we follow Jesus, we are invited to soar, to live a rich and satisfying life, to thrive! But we will not thrive unless we are connected to the One who created us. Our identity needs to be firmly seated in the truth of scripture. From this place of safety, we will soar and truly thrive.

Read: Isaiah 40:28-31

Are you tethered to your Creator? Does his hand gently guide you, leading you to the places where you will reach your maximum potential? Or have you wriggled free from his control? Are you sensing a nose diving coming on? Perhaps you are already in that downward spiral.


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