In order to thrive, we need more than air, water, nutrients, sleep and shelter. Hope is a necessary ingredient to thriving as well as being tethered to Someone who will guide us to our greatest potential.

In addition, community is essential to thrive. This morning I received a 7 a.m. wake up call. It was okay. I didn’t sleep the night before so I was already awake. My daughter called and said her oldest daughter had a skin affliction that looked less like a rash and more like something contagious. I said, “I’ll be right over.”

Finley spent the morning with me and then I did something I haven’t done in decades – I took her to see the doctor. The visit to the doctor required a visit to the pharmacy. I was delighted to help, but really relieved that I was the grandma and not the momma.

As I served my daughter and son-in-law in this way today, I was reminded how desperately we need community. And not just people to call at the last minute, but genuine community who will step up to surround us with no judgment.

Read: Romans 12:9-13

Who is in your life that needs genuine affection? Is there anyone you could delight in honoring today? In order to thrive, we need genuine community free of judgment.

The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.

John 10:10

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