Read: Psalm 91:14-16

Today I finished reading a book entitled, “They Poured Fire on Us From the Sky.” It is the story of three of the Lost Boys of Sudan who came to America from a refugee camp in Kenya.

As I read, my heart broke for these children who suffered in intolerable ways during wartime in their home country. As they struggled to stay alive for more than ten years, they fought against every kind of enemy – disease, soldiers, hunger, thirst, carnivorous animals and worst of all, the decay of their own mental state.

Throughout the writing, there was an underlying faith in life and living. More than once they were guided by an unseen hand to places of safety or away from places of death.

It is an illustration of epic proportions of our reading for today. When we look to the Lord, place our trust in his love for us, he will rescue and protect us. His name will be our safeguard.

If you are looking for a challenging read, grab this book. If you are needing a place of safety for your soul, place your trust in His name and slip into the safety of his wings.

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