Good Saturday morning to you! Today may not feel much different to you than every other day this week if you are home with the kiddos or unable to go to work. I get it. Staying in calls for creative action and creative action calls for energy that is sometimes missing.

The other night, Dave and I finished dinner and looked at each other and said, “well, now what? It’s only 6:45!” We decided to bake…pie! One of his favorites is Shoofly pie (pictured above). If you have never enjoyed a slice of freshly baked shoofly pie, you are missing out. It is a traditional Pennsylvania Dutch pie eaten for breakfast with plenty of coffee. Molasses, brown sugar, flour and egg are the primary ingredients. And we didn’t wait for breakfast to indulge. It was our evening treat!

Dave also thought he should take pie to work as a means of bolstering spirits. So, we made a peanut butter pie. Also a Pennsylvania Dutch favorite, it is a simple pie with peanut butter crumbs made from peanut butter and powdered sugar on the bottom of the crust and vanilla pudding on top of the crumbs. Topped with whipped topping and more crumbs, it is a tasty treat for sure.

I had a bit of pie dough left over, so I made a mini apple pie as well. I will say, it was also quite delicious.

None of these recipes were gluten, dairy or sugar free. But it was relaxing to do something together and it produced some yummy treats for both us and others.

Today as you embrace joy why not try something you haven’t done in a while? Or maybe try something new? It might be baking pie or learning a new game. But today is a good day to have a good day!

This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.

Psalm 118:24

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