As I worked outside in my landscaping, a song ran through my mind on repeat. A portion of the lyrics are this: “…Sing a little louder (in the presence of my enemies); sing a little louder (louder than my unbelief); sing a little louder (my weapon is a melody); sing a little louder (heaven comes to fight for me)…”

It is our praises, our melody that is our weapon. Today I want to raise my weapon high and shout praises; gratitude for what this season has allowed me to do. It’s not really anything I don’t do other years, but this year it was accomplished with such ease and in record time.

It’s only May 3 and my landscaping is all cleaned out, the plants are greening up, hostas are pushing through the soil. We cleared the trails through our woods of trees that had fallen over, making them unusable. And then we cut up some of the wood, split it and stacked it to dry for use later. Our lawn is raked, wild landscaping is trimmed. The decks are power washed, the furniture is clean and positioned. These are projects we do every year, but it’s usually the middle of June until we have them done. And did I say it’s only May 3.

I’m so excited to see what will be next. Today, as an act of worship, why not take a few minutes and review the last forty days. What have you accomplished? Did you paint that room that’s needed it for years? Clean the pantry, closets, barn, shop, garage? Finish a project? Take a few minutes to offer praise for the work you have done, even if it’s something you do every year.

Perhaps we will soon be able to meet together for Sunday worship. I hope so! But until then, I invite you to join me at Maple City Chapel at 9:00 or 10:45!

Oh, if you want, here’s a link to the song I referenced! “Raise a Hallelujah!”

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