Have you ever longed for something so much you could taste it? Like when you make plans for the weekend and all week, you long for Friday. Now it’s Friday and you just can’t wait for the clock to say 5:00? Your longing will soon be fulfilled!

I understand longing for the thing that meets a need deep in my heart. The psalmists also understood and used beautiful language to illustrate it. Here are two:

I long for the Lord more than sentries long for the dawn, yes, more than sentries long for the dawn.

Psalm 130:6

As the deer longs for streams of water, so I long for you, O God. I thirst for God, the living God. When can I go and stand before him?

Psalm 42:1-2

When my heart is desperate, unsteady and needing assurance, I long for dawn like a sentry or a deer for streams of water. I need the presence of God more than anything. When there is nothing I can count on, I look to him!

I am counting on the Lord; yes, I am counting on him. I have put my hope in his word.

Psalm 130:5

Our hearts all experience deep longing. What does your heart long for? Where do you go when you need refreshment and light?

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