We are a “self” consumed society. Opening the Google search bar and typing in “self,” resulted in all kinds of interesting options. Self-efficacy, self-actualization, self-esteem, self-sufficient…all focused on understanding our self.

There are books, conferences, studies devoted to understanding our true self, exposing the false self, living from a place of integrity.

All of these have the potential of extreme good, as well as not. I am not against improving oneself or of understanding my true self. I have often written about those very ideas, participating in more than one study of the true self. I fully commend anyone to the exploration of their inner child or true self, exposing false ways of being and harmful, dysfunctional behaviors.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine sent me an excerpt from a study she participated in on the fruits of the Spirit. In distress because the author stated that a loving person foregoes self-preservation, she questioned her own journey in self-love and self-care.

That started my mind turning. What is self-preservation? Is it different than self-care? Doesn’t scripture say we should love our neighbor as we love ourself? So if I don’t love me, how can I love you? And how does self-sacrifice fit in? What does it mean to take up my cross daily?

Join me this week as I explore these ideas of “self” and maybe even others. But in the meantime, have a blessed Monday. May the Lord bless and keep you, may he turn his face toward you, granting you favor and peace in your day!

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