Jesus said others will know we are his disciples if we love one another. It isn’t if we attend church, build impressive structures, preach moving sermons, develop successful ministries or write inspirational blogs. Purely, it is if we love one another. Love for others was a marker of the early church; it attracted individuals even when they knew that association with these crazy Christians meant persecution.

How’s your love for others doing? Is it growing? What keeps you from really loving?

Jesus Film Project produced a movie on the life of Jesus based on the gospel of John. I love it for many reasons, but one is that the producers did an excellent of developing Jesus’ character. He is shown to be happy, smiling, laughing, compassionate, kind, caring, winsome…all the qualities I believe Jesus embodied. The following song by Chris Tomlin utilizes scenes from the movie. Take a few minutes to watch. I pray you might be blessed as I was.

May your Sunday be filled with worship wherever you are!

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