The other day, as sometimes happens, my spirit was agitated within me. I could feel myself becoming unsettled over current events even as I carefully monitored what I allowed into my mind. Returning to my sewing, I considered the unrest I experienced and talked to God about it while I stitched.

As I sat there, I became aware of the presence of Jesus next to me. I sensed him putting his arm around my shoulder, calming my spirit. This is the essence of what I sensed him telling me. “Yes, there is a bully on the playground. I am watching him. You don’t need to. He intends evil; I am using it for good. I am taking care of you and will bring you in when it isn’t safe anymore. Be calm and carry on.”

A few days later, I listened to music while I wrote and a song by King and Country played. I cannot explain God or the way he works. I only know that he is good and he is sovereign and he loves me. I choose every day whether to trust him or what I can see with my human eyes.

What choice are you making? Does it line up with Truth or with reason? What does God want to say to you right now?

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