Friday I sent a message to my five most trusted friends that said: “I am not okay. Depression is knocking at the door, standing on the porch waiting for me to invite it in. I spend time with Jesus, I rehearse truth. But this is lonely and I need someone to know. I need to share the truth.”

Friday was also the beginning of our sixth annual BET camping weekend. BET is three families that have connected over the years, when our children were just toddlers. Today the oldest is 32, married to the second oldest who is 31; they have two daughters together. The rest fall in line behind those two. And no, none of the others married within the group. But we, together, are the church. And that is what I have been missing.

Not the Sunday morning gathering with all the politics of church. But the community of being with others who are likeminded, experiencing life and willing to share the journey with others.

As we spent time together around the swimming pool, the food table, the card table – conversations were authentic and real. One of the most profound realizations I made is this: church is collaboration. It is meeting together with others who are on the same journey and, together, figuring out how to do this thing called life. It isn’t about agreeing with one another on every topic, but it is about taking time to listen authentically and love unconditionally.

I am beyond blessed to be a part of this group. Who is your “BET?” Who helps you figure out how to do life? Are they bringing out the best in you? That is truly church.

If you don’t have that kind of people in your life, I recommend you ask Father to bring them to you. And then expect the unexpected! Be ready for the miraculous! He wants you to have fellow pilgrims on this journey!

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