There was a woman who loved auctions and estate sales. One day she found herself wandering among the furniture at an auction when she looked to the side and saw another woman wandering the items as well. She looked away and thought to herself, “My! She was really grumpy!” Turning back to see if she knew the grumpy woman, she realized she was seeing her own reflection in a dresser mirror!

Our faces say so much! If you are like me, you want your face to send a positive message, but let’s “face” it, they don’t always. Sometimes it takes a little effort!

A few years back, I taught Bible courses at a local Christian school. During one particularly difficult season going to school was a struggle. One morning before I left home, I read this verse:

When they were discouraged, I smiled at them. My look of approval was precious to them.

Job 29:24

I sensed the Lord telling me that I was making it too difficult — just smile at the students today. It will be all right. So, armed with my smile, I left for school. It was amazing. Not only did I feel better smiling at the kids, but their response was to smile back and we both benefited.

Consider your face. Are you smiling? Are you scowling? Are you sad or frightened? Give a smile a try today. Perhaps it is your look of approval that will be just what someone needs and it will lift your spirit too!

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