Wednesday I challenged you to talk to Jesus about how he was able to humble himself, set aside his rights as God and become a human. I wonder if anyone took time to do that?

I admit, asking Jesus questions might seem odd to you. That’s okay. You aren’t alone. It is something I am growing in and am always pleasantly surprised when I do.

I did ask Jesus how he was able to humble himself to become a human. Immediately I heard, “Because I love you more than myself.” This struck a nerve in me. You see, I notice I sometimes find it hard to humble myself because I am protecting myself — I love my own comfort and needs more than I love others. It probably isn’t what you heard, but it’s what Jesus knew I needed.

I’d love to hear what Jesus told you!

I want to finish with a song this week! As I contemplated my own foxes and Nehemiah’s strategy I wrote about yesterday, this song kept coming to me. I pray it blesses you and encourages you as you fight your battles and capture your foxes!

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